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Golden Showers – A Guide
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Watersports, Golden Showers, call them what you will, there are a lot of you out there intrigued by, or heavily into this kind of play.  Our sheets can make the ideal companion for this kind of play, being tough, fluidproof … Read More

Pleasure Panel Review by @gemini_joanne
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The Pleasure Panel is a group of reviewers set up and organised by award winning blogger Cara Sutra.  We recently sent them one of our white fitted fluidproof sheets for review.  @gemini_joanne was the lucky recipient and you can read … Read More

Stroking the Surface -Caressed With Warm Oil
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Stroking the Surface is the first part of the ‘Beneath the Sheets’ anthology series. If you haven’t kept up to date with this anthology then we suggest starting here for an explanation. From there it’s up to you how you … Read More