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Diaries of a Hedgehog – Hai Peeps
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We couldn’t believe it when one of our product reviewers, Emmeline Peaches, tested the strength of our fluidproof sheets via the sharp quills of her pet hedgehog. But, as it turns out, this little critter loves our sheets and (in … Read More

Sex Tips Series – Perineum Massage
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Welcome to our Sex Tips series. Short suggestions to help you get the most out of your time on our sheets.  On The Sheets Today… Perineum massage. What is it? A perineum massage is the external stimulation of the perineum … Read More

Pretty Perversions: Sheets and Salirophilia
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Welcome to Pretty Perversions, the very last post in our final segment ‘A Freak On Top of the Sheets’ and for the Beneath the Sheets anthology in general. We can’t believe it but this is the last exploration in to … Read More