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Tentacles, Slime, and Sheets: Sublime!
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Konnichiwa! Welcome to Tentacles Slime & Sheets, the second post in our final segment ‘A Freak On Top Of the Sheets’.  Today, we’re delving in to a fetish that spread from Japan to the West with extreme enthusiasm. As with … Read More

Candy Snatch – The Truth About Squirting
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Squirting, Gushing or Female Ejaculation, there are a lot of terms for it, and a lot of misunderstanding about it.  In this great article by Candy Snatch, she debunks some of the myths and gives some really useful information.  If … Read More

The Toyful Review – Plus Fitted Sheet
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Check out this great review from the team at The Toyful Review   “From the moment we opened the postal box the impression of luxury showed immediately.” “creates a smooth and wonderful tactile feel that we now associated with our … Read More