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Pretty Perversions: Sheets and Salirophilia
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Welcome to Pretty Perversions, the very last post in our final segment ‘A Freak On Top of the Sheets’ and for the Beneath the Sheets anthology in general. We can’t believe it but this is the last exploration in to … Read More

Have A Very Messy Easter
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We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.  If you want to eat your Easter Eggs in bed, carry on you can make as much mess as you like on our fluidproof sheets, and it will wash off … Read More

Tentacles, Slime, and Sheets: Sublime!
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Konnichiwa! Welcome to Tentacles Slime & Sheets, the second post in our final segment ‘A Freak On Top Of the Sheets’.  Today, we’re delving in to a fetish that spread from Japan to the West with extreme enthusiasm. As with … Read More