Couples Playthings Funsheet Review

Couples Playthings Funsheet Review

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Couples Playthings logo on a white backgroundThe team at Couples Playthings have a set of sheets of their very own which they have been putting through their paces.  They have now done a detailed review of our sheets with great tips on the different ways you can use them. See for yourselves what the got up to on them!

“If you and your partner like to get messy during playtime, all three products are highly recommended”

“If you have your own in-home dungeon, the Funsheet Plus Flat Sheet may be a good addition to line the dungeon floor during a scene”

“We’ve spread all sorts of things over this sheet including lubes, massage oils, flavored syrups, and whip cream. None of these things were absorbed into the sheet”

“we’ve washed the fitted sheet several times and it still looks as good as new”

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