Diaries of a Hedgehog – Better Together

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tow while albino hedgehogs on a black Sheets of San Francisco Fluidproof SheetBetter Together – The latest instalment of our fun, tongue in cheek Diaries of a Hedgehog.  Real Hedgehogs and real sheets though.


Hellos peepuls,


Is’h so nice to be back pattering my pawsies on mam’s keyboard for you.

Mam has been all over the place recently. She runs almost as’h much as me and my big sis. We’re so proud.

She’s also gots many new toys to play with and type about, always busy.

New stuff ish an interesting thing. When I came in to mam’s home I was new to. Mam and big sis were already together and had their routine then, with a sniff and a scurry in I came to the family.

I wasn’t a surprise though. Mam has always said that, when introducing something (or someone) new to the home is’h important to talk things out with anyone else involved first and to be fully aware of what is’h involved with the change.

I agree with mam’s wisdoms here. New things can be scary or feel strange at first. Moving was new for me too, after all! When I first met big sis I huffed and puffed so much that mam wasn’t sure how things would turn out. But given time and patience we all got used to things and now we prefer life together.

I thinks there is’h many new things or events that can sometimes help change things for the better, but that they can still seem scary or like an unknown.

All we cans do, I think, is’h to be open, patient, and understand that change is’h a process that can take us all sorts of different places.

Mam’s changes this’h month have involved her play shapes, I wonder if any of my readers will be trying new play shapes too.

If so then I hopes my many thoughts here are of helps for yoo.

Time for me to put the keyboard to one side, tho, and to return to my life of quills instead.

Untils next month!