Medical Fetishism – Doctors and Nurses

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Torso of doctor in a white coat holding a stethoscope for a blog on Medical Fetishism

Believe it or not, with this post on Medical Fetishism we’re in the final stretch of the ‘Beneath the Sheets’ anthology series. Welcome to the first post in our final segment – lovingly titled ‘Doctors & Nurses’ but all about being a freak on top of the sheets, and we say ‘freak’ in the most loving and celebratory of ways.

Who doesn’t like letting their freak flag fly every now and then? Or feel a rush at the prospect of ‘getting freaky’? We know we do.

This section looks at the more ‘hardcore’ fetishes out there – what’s involved in them, how to practice them, and how our sheets can help.

Just the sheer prospect gets us all feverish. Maybe we need a doctor…

Medical Fetishism
Speculums, stethoscopes, pinwheels, and catheters. A lot of us might hear these words and physically shy away from them, as if the mere mention of that odd metal duck-bill might cause a doctor to suddenly manifest and spread our leg, but, to some, we just authored a short erotic story in that sentence.

Medical fetishism is a fascinatingly diverse form of fetish in which participants derive sexual pleasure from medical scenarios and/or interplay.  The reason that this fetish is so interesting is because a medical fetish is diverse as the healthcare and medical profession in general. Anything that involves health, wellness, and the need for a doctor or nurse could potentially play in to medical fetishism.  Such a diversity makes medical fetishism a great form of BDSM, sexual roleplay, or extreme play for all levels.

Entry level medical fetishism might involve:

Purchasing a ‘sexy nurse/doctor’ outfit at your local sex shop and staging a dominant/submissive roleplaying scenario in which there is a medical professional/patient dynamic.
Buying some basic first aid objects (or a kit) and using them as part of roleplay or sensation play to add in some diversity. Examples being bandages as handcuffs, plasters to put on the skin and swiftly pull away, cotton wool pads brushed against a patient’s skin, etc.
Taking advantage of a real gentle cold or slight injury (such as a sprain or a small cut) to play real as well as imagined ‘doctor’ and add a sexy ankle to treating the wound, massaging in some vapour rub, caring for your significant other, etc.
Intermediate play might include:

Adding some additional sensation tools, such as hot/cold objects to ‘test’ a patient’s sensations.
Purchasing some more advanced medical equipment (a stethoscope, blood pressure device, or a neurological reflex hammer) in order to make any roleplay between you more realistic, and perhaps even a bit more medically beneficial.
Learning and doing some real medical examinations as part of your play, such as a breast or testicular exam.
Bringing in the gloves and starting to do some anal examinations or ‘testing’ the patent’s vaginal health with a good dose of fisting/finger insertion.
Exploring pain alongside the medical angle by introducing things such as a pinwheel.
Practicing responsible anal douching or penis/clit pumping.

Getting Freaky (Carefully)
Up until the intermediate point, medical fetishism is still very accessible to most people, and shouldn’t cause any serious pain or long-term marks/impact.  Even pinwheels, which look scary, are made from body-safe materials and feel gentler than a cat’s claws if lightly applied. It’s only with the addition of pressure that things begin to get more intense.  And, speaking of intense, medical fetishism can definitely get in to some pretty advanced territory. Some people even get medical training in order to perform at the most advanced levels, or purchase their gear directly from sites intended for surgical or hospital use.

This may sound extreme but is actually encouraged with some of the more technical forms of medical fetishism.

If, for example, creating fresh wounds, performing actual examinations, or inserting a medical device is involved then it is vital that proper, sterilized equipment is used and that the person performing the exercise is trained and confident in engaging in their medical fetish.

Some forms of advanced medical fetishism might include:

The use of a scalpel to draw blood or make small, surface-level wounds with sterilized medical equipment (linked with hematolagnia: sexual arousal at the inclusion of blood during sex).
The administration of a medical examination with a speculum. This might be augmented with the use of camera devices (go-pro vibrators are a thing).
Play involving urine, stool, vomit, or other bodily fluids.
Spectral sounding (where small steel rods are inserted into the urethra) or the administration of a catheter (never to be done without training).
Mental health roleplays, in which straightjackets and similar tools might be purchased as used as part of play.

Equipment Matters
As you might have ascertained, medical fetishism is a kink that can potentially involve a lot of gear. When you’re playing with a form of sexual practice that involves the health and wellness of the body then it is important that you make sure that you invest in the correct and appropriate items for your fetish.

Even entry level medical play will usually involve at least one purchase and, at all levels, we like to think that our sheets can help augment the medical experience.

A large part of medical fetishism hinges on the immersion of those involved, and that is best done with outfits, attitudes, equipment, and setting. While we can’t help with outfits, we like to think that our sheets tick the box for the other three categories.  Check out specialist websites such as for other specialist equipment.

Examining the Sheets
With the purchase of a fluidproof, durable white sheet from our selection, any bed, chair, or sofa can easily be transformed in to a pure white medical surface from which to examine a patient. This allows for a safe space to allow fluids to flow freely and provides peace of mind that your play will stay strictly within the professional confines of your sheets.

Establishing this space will do wonders for getting you in the right frame of mind for medical roleplay too. Prepping a scene can sometimes be a powerful component of its success, and getting a patient’s sheets/examination area set up with the sweeping placement of a pure white sheet is almost cathartic.

But, perhaps most importantly, our sheets will provide a clean, fluidproof area from which advanced users can confidently perform their medical processes and allow for urine, stool, or vomit to be involved without increased risk of contamination or infection. In this way our sheets can be an important aspect of participant safety when it comes to medical fetishism.

Add to this the almost rubbery surface of our sheets – often associated with medical settings – and you’ve pretty much got the ideal item in our sheets for this kind of play.

For professional Medical Dominants we also believe that our sheets are invaluable: Setting the scene perfectly and then allowing for an easy cleaning process in between clients. If you attend a Medical dungeon and they don’t have our sheets (or run one and have yet to invest) then it might be worth changing that. We feel that any professional would be impressed by the way our sheets can elevate a professional play session.

Investing In the Best
Medical fetishism allows for some interesting alternative approaches to sex, sexual desire, and kink, but it is a fetish where you will want to invest in the best to ensure safety throughout.

While we can’t keep you covered in every regard, our specialist fluidproof sheets can at least cover the surface on which your examination commences, and that is something we take great pride in.