Fluidproof Fitted Sheet – Black

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Fluid proof, rubber feel, fitted bed sheet. High quality, tough + tactile, fluid proof, this bed sheet is designed to protect your mattress from all the rough and tumble of your bedroom fun.

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A Black fluid proof, fitted bed sheet, with a very tactile skin feel described by one of our customers as ”like rubber infused with silk”, which we think describes it quite well. Manufactured from a durable, high quality, 2-ply, engineered fabric, this tough and tactile sheet is designed to protect your mattress from all the rough and tumble of your bedroom fun. The fabric is breathable for extra comfort in bed, and is manufactured with no seam on the top surface, to further enhance comfort, appearance, and durability. The sheet is resistant to oils, lubes, and bodily fluids, and can be used to cover the mattress, or over the top of your usual bedding. When you have finished getting messy the sheet can be easily removed and machine washed on a normal warm cycle. Fitted sheet to fit 10″ deep mattress. Other depths available as Custom.

Available in the following sizes:-

Twin          39″ x 75″

Full Size    54” x 75″

Queen       59” x 78”

King           74” x 78”

Cal King    70” x 82”

Weight from 37oz to 46 oz depending on size



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Weight 46 oz
Dimensions N/A



Cal King, Double, Duvet Cover ( Special Order Only ), Full Size, King, Queen, Standard, Super King, Twin

9 reviews for Fluidproof Fitted Sheet – Black

  1. Derrick Clayton

    The Funsheet Plus – Fitted Sheet is absolutely amazing for messy fun! I have the King size fitted sheet and it fits perfectly. This sheet is comfortable and no funky seams running through the middle of it. This sheet gets used on a regular basis and we’ve protected our mattress from being completely destroyed. My wife and I have had some crazy fun on this fitted sheet while using massage oils, lubricants, chocolate syrup, and even wax play. Washing the sheet has been easy and looks as good as the day I pulled it out of its package. I highly recommend this product!

  2. Robin & Liam McKenzie

    This sheet is absolutely wonderful! Thank you Sheets of San Francisco for making such a wonderful product.

  3. Andrew Harwin

    The queen-size sheet is terrific. One piece, no seams. I slip the fitted corners right over my bedding, including blanket & duvet cover, no problem. Comfortable to play on; not clammy or chilly to the touch. And easy to clean, whether just a few grease spots wiped down with Simple Green; or, if really messy, machine wash in warm water, low or line dry.

  4. Eugene Tan (verified owner)

    My Queen Fitted Sheet is now a rather permanent fixture on my bed. Underneath this layer are the mattress protector and a set of cotton sheets. And I sleep on a Queen Flat Sheet that I place over this fitted sheet.

    What this means is a very clean bed and very much less laundry to do. Lots of water and detergent savings. No smells from sweat or from unintentional spills and thrills. And if a wipe down is required, just wipe it off with a mild detergent. Completely fuss free.

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Excellent and sexy play sheets. Fits correctly on the bed, no seams, and lasts about 3 years with daily use. Very effective for anything messy or liquid, and never leaks whether wet, messy, or in puddles all night. Easy enough to clean. I generally just use a rag and mild detergent as opposed to the washing machine. It’s pretty simple and wipe it clean and you don’t need to take the sheet off the bed. I love mine and sleep directly on it every night, because I simply love the rubber and luxurious feel. Always nice to know the bed is ready for anything, should the need for arise. It will last 3 years before the waterproof part of the covering gives out, if you sleep on it every night. If you use it less often, I imagine it will last much longer. Mine died this week, where the waterproof covering broke/cracked/separated. It was purchased on Nov 26th, 2017, so you can see it has a great lifetime considering I slept directly on it every night for 3 years without a sheet or additional covering on top. If yours is starting to bubble or separate, then it’s time for a new one. Highly recommended; I just bought another one.

  6. Elliot Meyers (verified owner)

    I really love my new play sheet . Lightweight, comfortable feel, easy clean-up. I got a set of pillow cases as well, they have an end pocket so the pillows stay put even with a lot of action. When I first looked into making a purchase, my items we backlogged. Mark in customer Service was very helpful, keeping me informed so I could place my order as soon as they were back in stock and not have a prolonged lapse between purchase and arrival dates. No I can focus on having fun instead of worrying about my other bedding.

  7. Matt Mills (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service when USPS failed to deliver my sheet. Feels like great quality and look forward to trying them out!

  8. Phillip C. (verified owner)

    Sheets of San Francisco hit it out of the park. Extremely durable, machine-washable, and lots of fun included. The customer service is phenomenal and quick.

    I wish I had more beds to fit with these sheets + pillow cases. 10/10 would recommend!!!

  9. Ryan (verified owner)

    Fantastic sheets that have held up well to regular use. I had to order custom sheets as I have a 15″ mattress. Customer service was quick to answer and make my custom sheets. These easily fits my mattress with enough room to leave the bed made under for quick and easy setup and break down. Having the pillowcases to go with them is great. Bought some cheap firm pillows to place in them and love them.

    Machine washed the sheets many times now with no signs of wear. I have found drying them works best if I dry them mostly in the dryer but finish hanging dry. as they don’t seem to fully dry in my dryer.

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